Love Never Ends

This book is another astonishing illuminated manuscript by Maryanne Grebenstein.  The text is from 1 Corinthians 13, written out in an italic script, with floral borders and gold illuminations. 

The binding structure is a “stub binding”, as laid out by Alex Vaughan in his “Modern Bookbinding”.  In as simple a way to put it, the text block itself is nearly untouched–just sewing holes–and the sections are sewn onto “stub” guards, which are then sewn through the guards to make the text block a cohesive whole.  The free ends of the guards are then glued up and shaped into a rounded spine, the boards are attached, and the book is covered.  This binding structure is beneficial in another way than not using any sort of adhesive or hammering on the backs of the sections: the book opens very nicely (see photo below), which makes this type of binding very good for books with stiff paper.  Should the binding ever need to come off for any reason at all, you only need to cut the threads inside the sections, and the text block will come off unscathed.

Full blue Oasis goatskin binding, sewn onto stubs which were then oversewn; the free ends of the stubs were then shaped to resemble the round of any regular rounded and backed book; leather headbands were attached and the spine was lined; the boards are attached with muslin that spans both boards and spine; the book was covered in leather in a tight-back manner; the turn-ins were in-filled; the binding was then tooled with 23K gold leaf using egg glaire, the flower and leaves on the front were given red and green leather onlays; then the Cockerell marbled paper endsheets were put down.














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