Leda by Pierre Louys


Leda, or In Praise of the Blessings of Darkness by Pierre Louys.  Cheloniidae Press, Easthampton, MA.  1985.  #37/60.

Technical Description

Full blue-green buffalo leather binding; text block arrived sewn on three flattened cords with linen thread; rounded and backed to 90 degrees, then laced into boards.  The top edge was then gilt using a wheat starch size; double core headbands were sewn with silk.  The spine was lined with Japanese tissue, then with suede and sanded smooth, then a hollow of Katie MacGregor’s flax/cotton blend paper was attached.  The covering leather is water buffalo from Remy Carriat leathers in France.  Inner leather hinges were then added.  The covers were tooled in 23K gold leaf and carbon, with an inlaid eggshell panel* on each board; the spine was titled and a tooled leather onlay applied.  The “sunken suede” doublures are pig suede, edged by a panel of black goatskin leather with a line tooled between the blue-green and black leathers.  The same pig suede of the doublures was used for the flyleaves.  The book is housed in an archival full cloth clamshell box with leather label on the spine.  Bound in 2013.


The design is based on the idea of dark and of light, of Leda and the Swan, respectively, and the corruption and taking of Leda’s innocence by Zeus.  The use of the eggshell panels along with the carbon and gold tooling is meant to signify this; and the blue-green leather matches the blue of Leda in the drypoints.








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